December 2, 2023

Understanding Microtia Ear And The Role Of Tahiri Plastic Surgery

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Microtia is a congenital condition that broadly refers to an ear malformation present at birth where one or both of the external ears are underdeveloped. Variously, these deformities range from just a slight irregularity in the ear’s size and shape to complete absence of the ear, a condition technically known as anotia. Given that it is a relatively rare condition, affecting between 1 in 6,000 to 12,000 births globally, microtia has been the subject of extensive research and study, a forte frequented by renowned plastic surgeons, including those at Tahiri Plastic Surgery.

Etiology and Impact

The exact cause of microtia remains unknown. However, some researchers depict that a disturbance to the blood supply to the ears during the first trimester of pregnancy might play a crucial role. It’s worth noting that microtia can occur as an isolated condition or may be associated with other syndromes. The abnormalities in the ear can affect hearing due to the underdevelopment of the ear canals and the inner ear structures.

Treatment and Reconstruction Techniques

Treatment options for microtia are largely determined by the nature and extent of the ear deformity and often involve a shared decision-making process with the patient, parents or caregivers, and the healthcare team. In many cases, a multidimensional approach is adopted, dealing with both the aesthetic and functional disabilities associated with microtia.

The gold standard in the management of microtia is ear reconstruction surgery, which may take place once the child reaches an appropriate age, usually around 6 years. This delay is on account of ensuring the newly reconstructed ear doesn’t outgrow the normal ear during the child’s growth phase. Various reconstruction techniques are available, typically utilising rib cartilage or synthetic materials to craft a new ear.

The Role of Tahiri Plastic Surgery

In the field of microtia ear correction, one name that prominently features is Tahiri Plastic Surgery. Led by a team of leading plastic surgeons, the clinic prides itself on adopting innovative and personalised solutions to manage microtia. While well-regarded for their superior aesthetic outcomes, they equally focus on restoring function, particularly addressing hearing loss associated with the condition.

At Tahiri Plastic Surgery, the mainstay of treatment involves using autologous rib cartilage to perform the reconstruction, attentively shaping it to closely match the patient’s normal ear. Moreover, they uphold the importance of communicating and counselling with the patient and their family, ensuring they are abreast with choice of treatment and its potential outcomes.


While microtia may not be a life-threatening condition, it confers both aesthetic and hearing challenges to affected individuals. Timely and appropriate intervention is, therefore, pivotal in helping minimize these impacts and improving the child’s overall quality of life. With its unwavering commitment to patient care and surgical excellence, the role of platforms like Tahiri Plastic Surgery cannot be overstated, offering both medical and emotional support to affected individuals and their families.

November 26, 2023

Understanding The Intricacies Of Network Connecting

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In the modern technological context, the idea of ‘network connecting‘ significantly shapes our everyday lives. This notion refers to the fundamental process of connecting various computer systems and devices into a coherent network structure. Technological progress has created ever-evolving, intricate systems to handle this process, comprising of both hardware components such as routers, switches, and cables, and software applications and protocols, among which Meraki advanced security services stand out significantly.

For an in-depth comprehension of ‘network connecting‘, it is crucial to unfold its basic elements. A network, in essence, is a multitude of interconnected computer systems or devices. They can connect directly (peer-to-peer) or through server-based networks. Here, each system has shared access to data, resources, and functionalities, hence increasing efficiency and promoting collaborative work environments.

When delving into the topic of ‘network connecting‘, one ought to acknowledge its core ingredient: the physical network infrastructure. An assortment of routers, switches, and hubs form the backbone of our connectivity. These networking devices channelize data in the network using cables or wireless transmission, linking together all network components into a functional model.

Yet, the successful operation of a network necessitates more than just hardware. Crucial to network connecting are sophisticated networking software and protocols, which drive the interaction between devices, route information correctly, and enforce security measures. Network Operating Systems, like Linux, Microsoft Windows Server, or Novell NetWare, ensure smooth communication within the network nodes. Protocols – sets of rules to guide data transfer – further support this process.

In the midst of this vast digital networking ecology, the prominence of Meraki advanced security services cannot be overstated. Meraki, a subsidiary of Cisco, is a trailblazer in cloud-managed IT solutions, symbolizing the future of seamless network connecting. Their advanced security services ensure an integrated and secure network.

Deploying Meraki advanced security services amplifies a network’s security measures through a comprehensive suite of synergistic solutions built into the Meraki platform. Features like intrusion detection and prevention, malware protection, and content filtering are only examples of this comprehensive security suite. These ensure that the network remains secure while streamlining the overall management experience.

Meraki advanced security services seamlessly integrate with other Meraki products, including access points, switches, and security appliances. This integration fundamentally enhances the potential of Meraki as a cornerstone of modern network-connecting practices, providing scalable network solutions without compromising security or performance.

In conclusion, the complexities of network connecting stretch far beyond simply plugging devices together. It envelops a rich ecology of hardware, software, protocols, and security services. As we become increasingly network-dependent, the relevance of advanced security services amplifies, with solutions like Meraki advanced security services effectively revolutionizing secure network connectivity. Given the consistent technological advancement in this domain, ‘network connecting’ stands as a catalyst for numerous future possibilities for both personal and professional communication landscapes.

November 20, 2023

Taking Advantage Of Value Point Distribution

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ValuePointDistribution is an online retailer of what we call luxury home products. Based in California, ValuePointDistribution has been servicing both the United States and Canada. These luxury home products pertain but are not limited to hot tubs, swim spas, outdoor patios, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, outdoor TV, and BBQ grills among others. These products, as we know, are quite expensive but ValuePointDistribution sure paved it’s way into giving us the best deals we could ever find.ValuePointDistribution ensures that they offer only the best deals, toughest quality, and the lowest prices of all their products. ValuePointDistribution gives us the lowest price promise, and they would want nothing but for us to take advantage of it.Why would we take advantage of Value Point Distribution?Lowest Prices, Guaranteed. As mentioned above, ValuePointDistribution offers us, customers, the lowest price promise. The question is, how do they do it? I could say that the CEO of this company is a genius. He partnered with the top manufacturers of the products he is selling, so that he can implement the factory direct system. The products that ValuePointDistribution has are all at their bare base prices because of this deal. They are at their factory price, which is almost 50% lower than their actual retail price. Indeed, ValuePointDistribution has made luxury living within reach for everyone.ValuePointDistribution Reviews. The customers are the one who can evaluate a product or a retailer most accurately. They are the ones who have had first hand experience dealing with the retailer and know if their product works well. Read the customer reviews about ValuePointDistribution and see for yourself how much customers love them. Get to know ValuePointDistribution more from their previous and current customers.The TurnAround Time. ValuePointDistribution is known to have one of the fastest turn around time. Come to think of it, many people rely on the internet mostly for instant transactions. People do bank transfers, students can enroll their classes, travellers book their plane tickets and accomodation online, and of course, shopper shop online. ValuePointDistribution offers huge home products, but they didn’t let this get in their way of providing the best service. Through the factory direct system they are using, they are able to cut the total turnaround time much shorter. From the time you process your order until the time you get your product on your doorstep, ValuePointDistribution is definitely there if you need any assistance.Customer SERVICE. When ValuePointDistribution provides service, they mean SERVICE. Their customer service team are well trained representatives that can answer any question about the products they are offering. They aren’t your ususal sales people who will shove into your throat products that you don’t need. They talk to you and see what they can do for you. They give you solutions and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll sell something. Their goal is to solve your problem, answer your question, and provide service with a smile. If you have read any or some Value Point Distribution reviews, you’ll notice that a big part of why customers love them so much is because of the warmth and importance they felt in talking to this team.ValuePointDistribution is doing all these to let customers know that they are valued. ValuePointDistribution aims at making all their customers feel the warmth and treatment of a family. Taking advantage has never been this easy, happy, and satisfying. All this, made available to us by ValuePointDistribution.

November 17, 2023

Fence Companies In Louisville, Ky And Protecting Your Business From Criminals

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byAlma Abell

How did you feel when you received the call that your warehouse had been burglarized? You may have drove to the warehouse and saw first-hand all the products that were taken from you. You may also have seen that some of your property was left. However, a great deal of it could have been destroyed. This type of loss could be the reason that you are looking into Fence Companies in Louisville KY.

Criminals look for opportunities. Opportunities to steal can happen when a warehouse is not secure. Though you may have locked the doors and installed a camera, it was not enough. The criminals could have came in through a window or busted down the door. They may have even picked the locked. They did not feel as if they had anything to worry about. Perhaps, this is because they did not have to deal with climbing over a fence and trying to figure out how to get your products over it.

In most cases, criminals are in and out fast. They do not want to raise red flags and have the neighbors calling the police because they think they see something unusual. In fact, they may have their faces covered and dress in black so that they are hard to see and near impossible to recognize if they are seen on camera. They will take what they want and destroy property along the wall. They leave business owners in a bad place finically, and they could care less.

Because you care about your business, it is wise to look into Fence Companies in Louisville KY. A fence will help to deter criminal activity. A tall chain link fence is ideal. It should surround your warehouse. With this in mind, there has never been a better time to talk to the consultant about your loss and how you can better protect your business with fencing in the future. You will find the best professionals and excellent customer service at Metro Fence Industries Inc.

Once the fence is installed, you will be thrilled. Your property will no longer be appealing to criminals. As a result, it will not be seen as an easy target. Talk to the consultant now.

November 16, 2023

Enjoy Spa Like Luxury At Home By Purchasing A Bamboo Towel Set

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Even though they can be expensive, bamboo towels are a great choice for people who are environmentally conscious. The fabric made from bamboo is luxuriously soft, yet it is also very strong. Bamboo is known for its strength and besides being used to create fabric, it is also used in many home improvement products.

Bamboo Offers Sustainability

Most of the bamboo processed to make bamboo bath towels is organic. Bamboo grows very easily in many types of climates and it is a hardy plant. Even though it is a very woody plant, it is categorized as a grass. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing grasses and has the ability to grow more than a yard in one day.

When it is harvested, it does not require replanting like trees or cotton because it has a very good root system and bamboo will continue to grow on its own. In addition, bamboo doesn’t require as much water as cotton does to grow. Its hardiness also allows it to grow without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Luxury at Home

You don’t have to visit a high-end spa to enjoy using bamboo bath towels. You can buy a bamboo towel set for your own bathroom and enjoy them whenever you wish. Aside from being soft and durable, bamboo towels always smell fresh and the do not mildew like cotton towels can when they get damp or haven’t been completely dried.

Unlike some expensive cotton towels, bamboo bath towels are very absorbent. Sometimes luxury cotton towels can still leave you feeling damp because they don’t fully absorb the water on your skin. However, bamboo towels will pick up all the water so you skin will be dry when you’re ready to get dressed after your shower or bath. Bamboo towels will wick away water three to four times faster than cotton, which is why they are so absorbent.

The fabrics made from bamboo, including those used in towels, are anti-fungal and antibacterial, so you don’t have to worry about getting germs from someone if they accidentally use your towel after they shower. The towels are also great for people with sensitive skin as bamboo is also hypoallergenic.

A Great Gift

A bamboo towel set would be a wonderful gift for a wedding or as a housewarming gift. Most people probably wouldn’t buy bamboo towels for themselves as they can be quite expensive. However, you could buy a set to give to a friend so they can pamper themselves after a bath.

While bamboo towels are becoming more available, the best place to buy them will be online as you will be able to find a larger selection than you will in most stores. Visit here for more info.

7 Beloved Fashion Apparels Add To Your Store To Grow More Business

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No one wants to invest in the fashion apparels that covers the likings of a small group of people. You want your sales to touch the sky, then buy the products that have the potential to go that high. Sale of the product depends upon the likings of that particular article. For example, if the plain dark colour top is loved among the ladies, then it will be in the demand among these ladies whenever you launch your products. I will discuss the 7 Trending Dresses that will make your sales go higher to grow your business even more.

Sequin Party Tops

Party season never shuts down, you have to buy some sequin party tops in glittery touch to your store. You will be buying them in bulk when you came to know about their importance. Buy these tops in some dark colour and the glittery effect is like a cherry on top of your tops. It will enhance the taste of your sequin tops. Parties are incomplete without showoff and some eye-catching apparels. Your customers will be the centre of attraction at the parties when they will wear these tops. When you talk about wholesale ladies clothing you should have the collection for all occasions. In the category of the party, the sequin dresses are the must-haves.

Printed Leggings Will Imprint Class

Follow the trend to be a leader of the fashion apparels world. When you start to deal with the trending fashion apparels, you will see a reasonable rise in your sales. Leggings are one of the most selling fashion apparels because no matter what top people wear, they always need some leggings or trousers to go with that particular dress. I want you to get some printed leggings for your store as they are in fashion trends for years. If you observe ladies wholesale clothing manchester you will see leggings at the top. Ladies want them to match their tops. Also, the animal printed leggings are wild enough to be sold in no time.

Faux Fur Hoodies

Faux fur is the new classy thing to wear nowadays because of the changing season. You must have seen Kylie Jenner rocking this hoodie in dark colour while going out for shopping. It was just a normal day for her but it gave rise to the sales of this article. Many ladies started wearing them as casual wear and to me, I think it was not just a charm of that hot model. This faux fur hoodies have something in them that uplifts the beauty in ladies. It is a unisex fashion apparel and mens clothing of uk collection also have some appealing articles. They are must to give rise to your sales.

Italian Fashion Apparels

Here comes a market that has a huge selling potential due to the hot articles they have in their collection. Don’t take the Italian market light as the Italian mono check trousers and abstract print leggings are sure to match the collection of your customer’s wardrobe. Also, the fancy face print collar top and leopard print hoodie top are also a great choice.

Don’t Underestimate Leather Belts

Leave clothing apparels aside for a minute, let’s talk about the fashion apparels that are taking over the fashion world in style. Whether you buy cheap womens clothing uk you can give them a fancy and worthy touch by pairing some leather belts with them. Leather belts can go with almost every stylish tops you just need to educate your customers about the fashion sense. If you are selling online, describe through picture how you can pair them with the collection of tops that you have at your store. They are multi-purposed fashion accessories as they will sell with your stock of tops and pants both.

Printed Tops Are Best For Casuals

I know I am talking about the most used casual products at the last of the list but I am sure you might have seen them somewhere. I want to see these articles at your store because they will not only cover the regular shopper but also there are text print tops in the market that will attract the ones who want to try new things. No matter what is the style of the tops they are counted in the cheap womens clothing because of the casual and regular use of them.

Stylish Loungewear Sets

It is as much big category of clothing that you will be needing extra rails and separate space for them. People are leaning towards the comfort and style as these two are the most noticed things in any apparel people buy. Get some trending loungewear set that has some stylish touch in them like styling lining and polka dots. Similarly, the soft touch also attracts most of the customers so get some silk articles to.

Don’t just rush into filling your store with every article you see, buy with mind and choose the articles that I have mentioned and cover all categories of fashion apparels. Oh! One most important thing, give a good look at the cheap ladies clothes of this website to have the better idea what I am asking you to buy.

November 15, 2023

Wonder Nutrient That Has You Looking Sexy In Your Little Mini Skirt Quicker

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There is a nutrient out there that not only burns more calories than the other nutrients, but it also causes you to eat less overall calories. This one nutrient is superior to other nutrients when it comes to fat burning and getting you into that mini skirt.

Which nutrient is so powerful that it can burn calories and have you eating less calories all while getting you closer to looking sexy in your little mini skirt?

The nutrient that can do all of this is protein.

To digest and utilize protein your body requires a energy (calories) to complete this task. This means your metabolism has to increase even more to sustain the energy demands. The result is more calories burned and more fat lost. What you may not know is that every time you eat your body requires calories to be used so that it can carry out the process of digesting your food. It also speeds up your metabolism when it is doing this because it is working harder than it was before.

To take advantage of this you need to incorporate some lean protein into 4-6 small, nutritious meals per day. The importance of adding protein is twofold. First, protein is a great nutrient that helps provide fullness and satiety. When you eat protein your body feels fuller longer, which means you won’t be hungry again in 30 minutes and looking for more food. Unlike carbohydrates which digest very fast and cause quick spikes and drops in your blood sugar, which then triggers that hunger again. Lean protein will help with minimizing those frequent cravings and fluctuations in your blood sugars, which will definitely sabotage your mini skirt goals. You will no longer have that hunger urge you get between meals or risk splurging or overeating.

Second, protein has what is called a high thermic effect of food. As a result your body requires and demands more calories to be used in digesting protein than it does for carbohydrates and fat. Protein requires almost 4 times the amount of calories for digestion as does carbohydrates or fat. This means that if you eat 100 calories worth of protein it will cost your body almost 27 calories to digest and utilize for a net calorie consumption of roughly 75 calories. Carbohydrates and fat only require 4-7 calories to digest 100 calories of carbs or fat. This is another way to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. When you add up the number of times you eat lean protein throughout the day and the quantity you will be fueling that mini skirt metabolism.

So if you want to look sexy in your mini skirt or just simply fit into your mini skirt incorporating more lean protein into each meal will have you reaching your mini skirt goals in no time.

November 11, 2023

Authenticity In The Face Of Crisis: Business Communication Skills

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Submitted by: Terry Gault

Management Communication

In the event of a crisis or a disaster, and if you happen to be the manager of a company facing that crisis or disaster, it s best to be mentally prepared. Crises can happen any time. Just like they can in our personal lives. And like our own individual preparedness for disaster, a good manager should be prepared to handle an internal or external crisis effectively. To help counter the bad taste a mistake or disaster may leave in the mouths of clients, the best approach for dealing with the situation is to explain things calmly and with authenticity.

When a mine owned by Murray Energy Corporation collapsed, CEO Robert Murray rushed to a private jet to the scene as soon as he heard of the collapse, appearing at the disaster within hours. He took command of the rescue operation. He provided the media with constant updates. He responded to the crisis with excellent textbook public relations. The presence of the concerned CEO at the scene has been crucial ever since the Valdez , Alaska oil spill in1989 one of history s worst environmental disasters — when Exxon s CEO took far too long to appear on the scene, thereby intensifying public anger at the company.

So Murray was ahead of the game and ready for the next step when he appeared at the site of the mine collapse. But soon after, his crisis communication broke down. He denounced the media and blamed union organizers for suggesting that the dangerous practice of “retreat mining” had led to the collapse. He erroneously blamed an earthquake (tremors actually caused by the mine collapse) and blasted environmentalists for their crusade against global warming, calling it an affront to the coal industry and to the American economy. Suddenly, although he was physically there, he didn t appear “there” for the trapped miners or their families. Then, after three rescuers were killed in a cave-in, he seemingly disappeared from the scene altogether.

Despite all these negatives, Murray s actions were noted in a positive vein by one writer who described his candor and refreshing authenticity. In Shades of Gray, a public relations blog by David Murray (no relation), he writes that “Despite [ Murray s] occasional moments of near-insanity, I suspect he s better liked by the general public than he would be if he d gone by the crisis communication book.” Because of his authentic approach.

The Murray example shows that, in times of crisis, spokespeople (especially CEOs) should trust in the redeeming power of honesty and authenticity in the actions they take. The public will immediately empathize with the leader who bravely steps up and takes charge at the scene of a disaster. Those waiting for action and a solution will feel cared for and relieved. Forgiveness for the leader s other faults will come naturally and readily toward that person as long as they feel the spokesperson is being truthful.

Mistakes can be made, but can also be recovered from, especially if they re honest ones. But once credibility comes into question, once authority is compromised, there s a steep climb uphill before we re able to regain people s trust. Stumble and fall but be real. Tell the truth, at least the way you see it. Even if you re wrong, at least it s your opinion, and people will be able to feel your authenticity and understand your good intentions. Truly confident people (who know themselves and are willing to be seen as vulnerable and imperfect) project a rock-solid belief in themselves. “Yes, I made a mistake in this case but I still believe in myself.” So then others will believe in you, too.

You can t force authenticity, especially in the corporate world, according to Don Tapscott, author of The Naked Corporation, a book about corporate transparency. Given the public s distrust of corporations today, it s more important than ever for CEOs in particular to operate authentically when facing a crisis. It s pretty easy to see through a flimflam spokesperson one with the gift of gab but lacking sincerity. Tapscott explains through several examples how corporate flimflam is not the way to go: Diebold, for one, insisting its voting machines were unhackable until someone posted a video of himself rigging a mock election on them; Microsoft, for another, offering to pay people to improve on the company s Wikipedia entry. And more.

In today s electronic age, it s more of a challenge for corporations or for anyone to get away with something. Don t even try. Be authentic. Authenticity is the only way to operate in today s world, particularly in a critical situation. Face a crisis or a disaster by revealing yourself through both confidence and vulnerability. The willingness to be up-front, to be vulnerable, to show your warts can go a long way toward showing that you mean it that you re facing the situation in an authentic way, and ultimately inspiring trust.

About the Author: Terry Gault trains and coaches business professionals in the art of communication and presentation through our experiential methodology. Since 1990, The Henderson Group has helped Fortune 500 companies worldwide improve employee productivity and business results through the development of communication skills. You can find us online at



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November 9, 2023

Orthopedic Improving Mobility And Function

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Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that focuses on treating conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. These conditions often affect the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons, leading to discomfort, pain, and reduced mobility. Orthopedic doctors and surgeons specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing such issues, helping patients regain their quality of life.

The field of orthopedics encompasses a wide range of medical conditions, including fractures, sports injuries, arthritis, back pain, spinal disorders, and more. Orthopedic specialists employ various treatment methods, including non-surgical interventions and surgical procedures, to alleviate pain, enhance function, and improve overall well-being.

While orthopedics typically focuses on musculoskeletal concerns, it is important to note that the field does not cover procedures like cheek fat reduction surgery. Cheek fat reduction surgery, also known as buccal fat reduction, is a cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons. It involves removing excess fat from the cheeks to enhance facial aesthetics, creating a slimmer appearance. This procedure falls under the domain of plastic and cosmetic surgery, not orthopedics.

Non-Surgical Orthopedic Treatments

Orthopedic specialists initially explore non-surgical treatment options to manage musculoskeletal conditions. These may include physical therapy, pain management techniques, medications, and lifestyle modifications. Physical therapy plays a vital role in orthopedics as it helps in improving strength, flexibility, and function by engaging in specific exercises and techniques tailored to the individual’s needs. Pain management techniques, such as hot and cold therapy, over-the-counter pain medications, and orthotic devices, can also provide relief.

Surgical Orthopedic Procedures

In cases where non-surgical treatments are ineffective, orthopedic surgeons may recommend surgical intervention to address the underlying issue. Orthopedic surgeries range from minimally invasive procedures to complex surgeries, depending on the condition being treated.

Common orthopedic surgeries include joint replacement surgeries, such as knee or hip replacement, arthroscopic procedures to repair damaged joints or ligaments, spinal surgeries to address back pain or spinal deformities, and fracture fixation surgeries to align and stabilize fractured bones for proper healing.

The Role of Orthopedics in Rehabilitation

Orthopedic specialists also play a crucial role in post-surgical rehabilitation. They work closely with physical therapists and other healthcare professionals to develop personalized rehabilitation plans tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Rehabilitation aims to restore mobility, improve strength, and enhance overall function.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, orthopedic specialists closely monitor the patient’s progress, modifying the treatment plan as necessary. They emphasize the importance of following post-operative instructions, engaging in prescribed exercises, and seeking appropriate follow-up care to ensure a successful recovery.

Promoting Optimal Musculoskeletal Health

In addition to diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, orthopedic specialists actively contribute to preventive care. They educate individuals on various techniques to promote optimal musculoskeletal health and reduce the risk of injuries.

Orthopedic surgeons and practitioners advocate for maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in regular exercise, adopting proper posture and body mechanics, using appropriate protective gear during physical activities, and avoiding repetitive strain on the joints and muscles.


Orthopedics is a medical specialty focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions. Orthopedic specialists play a vital role in improving mobility and enhancing the overall function of individuals affected by bone, joint, muscle, or tendon-related issues.

However, it is essential to note that cheek fat reduction surgery falls under the domain of plastic and cosmetic surgery, not orthopedics. Orthopedic surgeons are not involved in performing cosmetic procedures such as cheek fat reduction surgery. Instead, they focus on addressing conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system to help patients regain their mobility and improve their quality of life.

November 4, 2023

Using Support And Resistance Within Forex Trading Strategies

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As every serious trader knows Forex trading strategies are an essential part of Forex training. They range from reversal through to continuation strategies with each one having its own specific set of rules, entry and exit points. Knowing how these Forex trading strategies work and when they are most likely to fail is a core element of the learning process for any aspiring new trader.

Another crucial element of Forex training is the notion of support and resistance. They re defined as follows:

Support – a price area where a horizontal line is drawn connecting two price hits which have bounced in the upwards direction. Market price is decreasing when suddenly it starts to pull back upwards. It then decreases again with another pull back at the same price level as the first one. The horizontal line that connects the two pull back price points is called the support line. The line literally creates support for that particular price level.

Resistance – a price area where a horizontal line is drawn connecting two price levels which have bounced in the downward direction. Market price is increasing thus moving upwards; but suddenly it starts to pull back in the downwards direction. It then reverses back into the original upward direction only to pull back downwards at the same price point as the first one. The horizontal line that connects the two price points is called the resistance line. It creates a resistance point at which the market cannot continue upwards.

The reason why it is crucial to know about support and resistance is because they can drastically slow down your profits or even reverse your Forex trading strategies back to create a loss. The point is that there is a reason why there is support or resistance at a certain price level. It does not matter what this reason is. What is important is that traders respect it as a potential profit stop. So, if a profit target is 30 pips but there is a heavy support/resistance line blocking the way at 25 pips, profit should be taken at 25 pips. If orders are left to fight the support/resistance lines you are simply hoping for the best. You may get through some of them but in the long-run it is not worth the wait.

Another factor to bear in mind is that support can become resistance and resistance can become support. For example, as price breaks through resistance whilst moving upwards it is very common to see the price pull back to the line it broke through originally and bounce back upwards as a result. In this manner historical resistance has now become new support. The same can happen in the other direction.

In summary, it pays to be extra careful when support or resistance lines are apparent in the market when Forex trading strategies are being used. It is common for a trader to lose faith in his/her strategy when they see it bounce from this horizontal line simply because they haven’t studied it in their Forex training. In this instance it is not the strategy that is at fault, it is the lack of knowledge.

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