March 26, 2024

The Art And Practice Of Labia Stretching

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The Art and Practice of Labia Stretching

Labia stretching, also known as labia elongation or labia pulling, is the act of elongating the labia minora through manual manipulation or physical equipment such as weights. It has been practiced by certain African and Asian tribes for centuries as a rite of passage or enhancement of sexual pleasure. In the modern world, the practice has provoked global discussions concerning its benefits and ethical implications. Beyond cultural contexts, labia stretching in the developed world is often considered within the scope of female genital cosmetic surgery, similar to procedures including cosmetic penile enhancement.

Cosmetic penile enhancement is relatively well-known and frequently discussed, yet the topic of labia stretching can bring its own unique set of issues and conversations. As women become more empowered to choose genital enhancement procedures, it’s crucial to understand the facts behind labia stretching.

Labia stretching is not performed solely for aesthetic purposes. Many cultures in Africa and Asia consider it beneficial for enhancing sexual pleasure. According to numerous reports, extended labia may increase sexual stimulation and satisfaction for both the woman and her partner. The belief is that the elongated labia can stimulate the penis similarly to the inner vagina walls during penetration.

In addition to the perceived sexual benefits, labia stretching is a deeply rooted cultural practice in some societies. In certain cultures, a woman with an elongated labia is considered desirable, ready for marriage, and able to bear children. Furthermore, some tribes even believe that the practice significantly reduces the chances of miscarriages and infant mortality.

On the other hand, labia stretching has received its fair share of criticism. Health professionals express concerns about the risks and safety of the practice, especially when conducted without proper medical supervision. The procedure can potentially cause labial damage, infections, tearing, scarring, or reduced sensitivity if done incorrectly.

Moreover, there’s an ongoing debate about the ethical implications and human rights issues surrounding labia stretching. Critics argue that the procedure can be a form of child abuse if young girls are coerced to perform it without their consent, understanding, or ability to refuse. In contrast, proponents assert that it’s a cultural practice that doesn’t necessarily amount to genital mutilation or abuse.

In the Western context, some women choose labia stretching to address the issue of labia asymmetry or to enhance their sexual experiences. It’s important to note that there’s a significant difference between non-consensual, potentially harmful labia stretching conducted in traditional settings, and a medically supervised, informed procedure performed by an experienced healthcare provider.

The procedure of labia stretching in a medical environment should always be conducted with the patient’s informed consent, involving a detailed discussion about the potential risks and benefits. Similar to cosmetic penile enhancement, labia stretching requires competence, skill, and responsibility on the part of the healthcare provider.

In conclusion, as with any genital modification procedure, understanding context is crucial. Labia stretching, like cosmetic penile enhancement, tentatively exists at the crossroads of culture, health, ethics, and individual empowerment. Personal beliefs, cultural background, health, and safety should always play a crucial role in the decision-making process, as should the capacity to provide or withdraw consent.

It’s necessary to underscore the importance of education and awareness, dispelling myths surrounding genital modification procedures and establishing a safe and respectful conversation. This is a critical step towards ensuring that individuals make informed and safe choices about their bodies.

March 17, 2024

Orthopedic Surgery: Emphasizing Natural Enhancement Practices

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Orthopedic Surgery: Emphasizing Natural Enhancement Practices

Orthopedic surgery (known as ‘????‘ in Japanese) is a field dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders that involve the musculoskeletal system. While this may traditionally cover everything from sports injuries to congenital disorders, recently there has been a trend towards more aesthetic and natural approaches in orthopedic surgery.

Highly skilled orthopedic surgeons combine their knowledge of the body with innovative techniques to help patients overcome challenges such as the effects of aging. Today, some practices are even adopting more natural techniques that avoid the need for invasive surgery. One such region that is leading this trend is Washington DC, an area known for its advanced medical institutions.

Traditional orthopedic treatments of facial sagging and wrinkles often involved invasive procedures. However, now the approach has shifted towards less invasive and more natural methods. In fact, one can get the most natural face lift Washington DC has to offer, all thanks to the evolving dynamics of orthopedic practices.

The idea behind the natural face lift is to work in harmony with the body’s natural healing process. It can mean a variety of procedures, many of which do not involve the traditional surgical knife. The “most natural face lift Washington DC” method focuses on enhancing your existing features, rather than creating new ones. It may be as simple as skin resurfacing or involve the use of minimally invasive injections that stimulate collagen production, a vital protein for skin elasticity.

The orthopedic surgeons in Washington DC are particularly recognized for their skill and dedication to patient satisfaction. Quality and detailed consultation sessions are conducted to ensure that the patient’s desired outcome is achieved. This not only builds a solid trust between the patients and their surgeons but also motivates professionals to keep excelling at their craft.

In conclusion, the field of orthopedic surgery, or ‘????‘, is no longer just about fixing broken bones and sporting injuries. It has evolved to include aesthetic and natural enhancements, with the driving force behind much of this change being the desire to work naturally with the body’s own healing processes.

The Washington DC area is among those at the forefront of these advancements, with practitioners offering patients one of the most natural options available for face lifts. For those seeking a subtle yet significant improvement in their aesthetic appearance, the orthopedic surgeons in Washington DC ensure that this is achieved in the most natural way possible.

October 25, 2023

Know The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Dermal Filler}

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Submitted by: Dr.farid Mostamand

Dermal fillers are used as a non-surgical procedure, usually performed in a doctors office. The substance to be used is injected into the area needed to be, basically, plumped up or filled in.

The reasons for using dermal fillers vary, from filling in facial lines and wrinkles, to correcting nasolabial folds, to lessening the scars of acne, and other dermatological uses. The substances used vary but the effect is to make the skin look smoother, filling out the area with collagen or other soft tissue materials. These non-surgical procedures are usually very safe and most effective when applied by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon rather than in a spa or by a non-aesthetic physician. The effect can often last anywhere from one to three years. Getting dermal fillers can be very expensive, however. Results are not usually seen with just one or two treatments. Some people can also suffer an allergic reaction from the substances used. Redness, bruising and other skin sensitivities such as inflammation or swelling at the injection site may be obvious for a while after the procedure is done.

Some of the most well-known dermal fillers are Botox and Restylane. Other injected substances include Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane, Zyplast, Zyderm, Dermalogen, Artecoll, Hylaform and Dermalive. Each of these will be discussed in more detail and can be useful as a guide when choosing which dermal filler can be of use to you. In this Article we discuss Juvederm


Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler gel used to soften facial wrinkles and deep folds in the skin. It is mostly a hyaluronic acid product, much as Restylane, Dermalive, Hylaform and some other fillers are. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-derived substance found in the skin, tendons and muscles of humans and other mammals. It promotes fullness and volume beneath the skins surface. The injections of Juvederm fill the spaces between collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, renewing volume and making the patient look younger.

Removing and smoothing nasolabial folds or smile lines is the primary use for Juvederm. In fact, in studies comparing Juvederm with another popular dermal filler, Zyplast, 80% of patients using both products found Juvederm to be more effective at smoothing facial folds. This filler gel is also often used as a lip augmenter and as a filler for facial scarring.

Advantages of Juvederm:

Juvederm is one of the more longer lasting of the dermal fillers. It can last up to one year with just one treatment. When the injections are given, there is less bruising and inflammation than with some other dermal injectables. The injectable gel is also more comfortable because of the way it is manufactured with the added ingredient of lidocaine, an anesthetic. There is little risk of hyperpigmentation or hypertrophic scarring, making Juvederm safe and quite effective for persons of color.

Because Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid, there is a lessened chance of patients having an allergic reaction since it is a naturally occurring human substance. Reactions to Juvederm such as redness tend to last only for up to a week at most.

As with all dermal fillers, the effect is temporary; this is good in that it gives patients a chance to see if they actually are happy with the results. Juvederm is reabsorbed in the body through the normal digestive processes. If the proper look is achieved, patients can opt to receive more injections in the future; if they are not happy with the results, nothing is lost in the overall process.

Disadvantages of Juvederm:

Although this substance works well, within six to nine months it is reabsorbed into the body, causing the patient to return for more injections in order to maintain the desired effects. This can become costly.

There can be brusing, redness, soreness, swelling and bumps at the injection site. Juvederm is not recommended for people with severe allergies.

About the Author: Dr. Farid Mostamand has written hundreds of articles on preventing the detrimental effects of skin aging. As the founder of the Focus Medical Spa he has first-hand experience with the most effective non-invasive treatments.


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October 4, 2021

Select A Suitable Cosmetic Surgeon}

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Select a Suitable Cosmetic Surgeon


Adalia RorieEven though the theory of beauty is not a universally-same concept, the basic meaning of the word beauty is seen in the same perspective. Generally, beauty is seen based on the views of each and every beholder. Irrespective of age, religion, gender, creed, race, etc., all of us want to look beautiful and young. With the advancement of technology, there are many new methods for improving your beauty at any phase of your life.

While sifting through the various options available in the market today, it is important to select those that can help you in maintaining not only your physical type but also your general image and impression.

Are you over-conscious about your overweight that has caused many organs like tummy, breasts and face to lose their original beauty and suppleness? There is absolutely no need to worry about any of these issuesfortunately, you can contact any of the numerous plastic or cosmetic surgeons that practice in your area.

These cosmetic surgeons are in a better position to guide you in finding durable solutions for all of your beauty and image-related issues. While choosing a cosmetic surgeon, you need to:

a.Thoroughly assess the capability of the surgeon.


b.Go through the client testimonials and track record of the surgeon to determine their success rate.

c.Check with the surgeon about the duration of the treatment and the nature of the treatment methodologies.

d.Try to clarify about the initial steps that you need to adopt before the treatment begins.

e.This is especially important if you need to undergo a surgery, since the success of a surgery heavily depends on your mental, physical and psychological readiness to adjust to it.

f.Collect all details pertaining to the costs that you need to meet with for the whole treatment process.

g.Have regular communication with your cosmetic surgeon so that they can keep a close track of any developments in your health that might be related to the treatment.

h.Inform them about any kind of allergies you have towards any medicines to avoid complications in surgery and the treatment, on the whole.

The principle of haste is waste applies to cosmetic surgery as well; in other words, decide to undergo a cosmetic surgery only after carefully analyzing the pros and cons, along with professional guidance. Try to assess all possibilities before finally endorsing the cosmetic surgery option.

It is always a wise idea to choose a suitable treatment for issues like breast lift, lip or face lift, tummy tuck, and so on. Always check the creditability of the cosmetic surgeon before endorsing the cosmetic surgery.

It is a good idea to approach such issues in a planned manner to avoid all sorts of complications and exigencies that might take you by surprise at the last minute. It is very important for you to keep your body and mind in sync to achieve satisfactory results through plastic or cosmetic surgery. As a patient, you need to excel in confidence and fully co-operate with your surgeon to achieve total success in the cosmetic surgery.

Melina Zoe writes on a broad range of subjects-one of her favorite topics is Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. She puts down her extensive experience in her articles

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April 19, 2021

Hemorrhoid Or Anal Fissure?

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By Mark Freeman

Hemorrhoid or anal fissure. Either one is a very painful condition. Some people who have anal fissures think their pain is caused by hemorrhoids and some who have hemorrhoids mistakenly think they suffer from an anal fissue. Here we’ll try to explain the difference.

An anal fissure is, simply stated, a small tear or cut in the lining of the anus. Anal fissures are generally caused by straining while on the toilet or by constipation. Sometime fissures are related to severe bouts of diarrhea. Fissures can be quite painful, especially during a bowel movement when the fissure is stretched. There will be red blood streaking the stool if you have a fissure.


Over 90% of fissures will heal without surgery. Recommendations to help prevent recurrence are increasing the fiber intake in your diet. This can be best achieved by taking an over the counter fiber supplement. Drink plenty of water to help keep your stools soft. Some take stool softeners, but do not take them for a longer period of time than is suggested by the manufacturer. Warm sitz baths can help ease the pain. Sit in a few inches of warm water for 15 minutes two to three times a day. When you wipe, use a cotton ball or pad soaked in witch hazel. You can buy pre moistened wipes in your drug store. Some who suffer with fissures are prescribed topical cortisone creams. Tylenol and Ibuprofen can help ease the pain.

Hemorrhoids are a very common medical ailment that affect both men and women. A hemorrhoid is an enlarged or swollen anal vein. As with anal fissures, hemorrhoids develop due to bad bathroom habits, such as sitting on the toilet for prolonged periods or straining. You will notice bright red blood with hemorrhoids. You may suffer from internal or external hemorrhoids. Generally internal hemorrhoids, which appear higher up in the anus are not painful, and only cause bleeding. It’s when an internal hemorrhoid prolapses, or drops outside of the anus and becomes what is know as an external hemorrhoid that it becomes painful and problematic.

Like anal fissures, hemorrhoid symptoms can be helped by sitz baths, wiping with cotton soaked with witch hazel, taking stool softeners, drinking more water, and increasing the fiber in your diet with a fiber supplement. There are numerous over the counter medications that can help relieve symptoms.

Please remember, not all rectal bleeding is due to hemorrhoids and fissures. If you experience any rectal bleeding it should be checked immediately by a physician.

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August 15, 2020

Plastic Surgery In India Taboo Turned Trend

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Plastic Surgery in India Taboo Turned Trend



Who doesn t want to look beautiful? Someone has said that a beautiful face is the best recommendation for ever. A face will have its value only if you have got a perfect body to accompany it. People are very much more aware of their looks than they used to be a few years back. There had never been a time when facial values were of so much worth in past. A good looking person always grabs the attention of others and is benefitted with favor in many ways. Many deals are won only because of the looks of the negotiator. You might easily remember the beautiful face you saw last on the streets, in a moving car, in a party, or somewhere else. You do want to look at it again and again. This is the magic of beauty. There are many boys who are born handsome and girls who are born beautiful. But, unfortunately, there are many who are not so handsome or beautiful. Despite of having better qualities in all other respect, they lack the competence only because of inferior looks. In most of the cases the things could have turned in their favor had they could get a little improvement in their nose, chin, or chicks. They keep wishing if they could get a thinner nose, slightly modified chin, or a little more lifted cheeks. Thanks to the new technology, it all is possible now with cosmetic surgery treatment.

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery. Earlier plastic surgery meant a rare surgery which was performed only when a person has got his / her limbs or skin damaged or broken due to any accident. No normal man or women would have thought of using plastic surgery treatment just for the sake of improving their looks. It was a just like a taboo that time. But is is very much in practice today and has emerged as a trend now. There are many expert plastic surgeons in India and some of them are very qualified and experienced in this field of physical art. Some common treatments that are being offered in the plastic surgery clinics in India are liposuction, breast augmentation, breast enlargement, tummy tuck, face lift, body lift, nose job, scar removal, and burns treatment.


Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery in India has reached to a matured level today. The cost efficiency of cosmetic surgery treatment in India has made it a preferred destination for plastic surgery treatments all over the world. Almost all age of people, of all the genders, are availing of this service to improve their prospects. Many people have benefitted from the treatment and have revolutionized their prospects positively. There are many celebrities today who have gained much popularity after the use of cosmetic surgery.

Recently Chandigarh has emerged as a prime destination for plastic surgery treatment in entire India. The credit goes to the advance facilities, and expert professionals, and skilled attendants and above all cost effectiveness. If you are thinking of using any plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, do check your prospects with a surgeon in Chandigarh first.

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, a board certified plastic surgeon offers advanced

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June 27, 2020

7 Tips On Faster Healing And Concealing Your Scars After A Face Lift}

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Submitted by: Rena Graham

Although you might want take years off years from you face through the dramatic effects of face lift surgery, you also want to be discreet about it. When its time to go back to work, you would want your improved facial features to be noticed and not those postsurgical marks. So how do you promote faster healing and conceal those scars days after surgery? Here are seven tips that will help you heal faster and hide those scars more cleverly, like they never existed!

1. If you want to make sure that you get less chances of getting those visible ugly scars, find a good surgeon. When you go for a consult, ask for before and after photos, or ask on methods in which he can strategically hide incisions. This is all about technique so make sure that you find a surgeon who is experienced and has good client reviews. Make sure to find someone who is certified.

2. Faster healing means that you lessen the risk of any complications from happening. The trauma or wound made in surgery which is a good portal of entry for infection. If the scars close slowly, you put yourself in much greater risk for developing scars. To promote faster healing you need to eat healthy, avoid smoking and increase your water intake to nourish your skin better.


3. After surgery, make sure that you follow every post-op instruction the doctor provides. This means follow medication timing (especially antibiotics to prevent infection to develop), cleanse your wound area regularly and avoid touching it with unwashed hands.

4. Scar creams are also very good to help lighten and reduce scar formation. From medicated creams to those that are infused with herbal extracts such as aloe vera. But make sure that you ask your doctor about this first, just to be safe.

5. You can also find scar treatments in your own kitchen. By simply slicing a lemon in half and rubbing it on your facial scars can actually help lighten them. You can also boil milk and then stir in honey, nutmeg and water once you bring it to a cool. Then apply this mixture on your scars using a cotton swab and let it stay on overnight.

6. Exfoliation is also an effective way to lighten those face lift scars. Through the fine particles that comes in contact with your skin through this process removes dead skin cells. It will result to a skin that will look younger, smoother and clearer. It also effectively lightens the scars after a couple of sessions.

7. Concealing your scars days after a face lift surgery require some amount of creativity with a dash of makeup. You can use a camouflage makeup which includes concealers, contour shadows and colour correctors. Concealers can help you hide discoloration and incision lines, just make sure that you choose one that matches your skin. Contour shadows can mask swelling by brushing it along the side of your face following the line of your cheekbones while you pucker. Colour correctors can help neutralize redness that may develop on the incisions surrounding area.

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