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Met International: Redefining Educational Tourism With Egyptian Archaeology Tours

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Discovering the World with MET International: Defining Educational Tourism

When we talk about study tours, internships, and cultural exchange programs, one name that often comes to mind is MET International. As an institute that specializes in providing educational travel experiences, MET International has successfully bridged the gap between classroom learning and real-world application by offering dynamic study tours in various fields. One such exciting area of study offered by MET is the spellbinding subject of ‘Egyptian Archaeology’.

Famous globally for their ‘Egyptian Archaeology’ tours, MET International opens doors to an immersive learning experience like none-other. Coupled with expert guidance and an array of fascinating ancient artifacts to explore, the MET International’s Egyptian Archaeology tours offer a captivating window into the golden era of Pharaohs and Pyramids.

Egyptian Archaeology Tours

The Egyptian Archaeology Tours from MET International are an intersection where history, education, and tourism come together. With Egypt serving as a repository of ancient civilization, archaeological enthusiasts from around the world join these tours to feed their curiosity and deep-seated interest in Egyptian history.

Tailored for both history buffs and first-time explorers, the tours provide exclusive access to some of the most significant archaeological sites in Egypt. Participants get to walk through the spectacular temples, gaze at the towering pyramids, witness the impressive statues, and acquaint themselves with Egypt’s intriguing hieroglyphics. As part of these tours, participants also get to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which carries miraculous stories from the past millennia within its walls.

The institute ropes in some of the best archaeologists, historians, and guides who lead the group throughout the journey. These experienced professionals help participants see past the dusty artifacts and weathered stones to visualize the beautiful civilization that once flourished, attaining a better understanding of ancient Egyptian art, architecture, culture, and civilization.

The tours also provide participants with an opportunity to attend lectures delivered by notable archaeologists and experts in the field. These interactions further facilitate an enriching learning experience and create a platform for participants to ask questions and engage in rewarding discussions.

Aside from being educational, the Egyptian Archaeology Tours are also inherently recreational. Egypt, with its winsome mix of modernity and antiquity, has much more to offer than just archaeological wonders. From the bustling cityscape of Cairo to a serene cruise down the Nile, the land of Pharaohs unfolds a unique blend of historical richness with contemporary attractions.

Participants get an opportunity to wander in the vibrant markets, indulge in local cuisine, get involved in Egyptian hospitality, and enjoy traditional folk performances. The tours further involve basking under the Egyptian sun on stunning beaches, witnessing the timeless beauty of the desert, and engaging in thrilling night-time desert safaris. All these unique experiences culminate to make the Egyptian archaeology tours a wanderlust-inducing journey.

At the heart of MET International’s vision is the belief in industry-specific education that extends beyond the classroom. This is why their Egyptian Archaeology Tours are more than just educational trips; they encapsulate a full cultural immersion in Egypt’s historical and traditional wealth, introducing people to life-enriching aspects of a foreign culture.

In conclusion, MET International’s Egyptian Archaeology Tours are a magnificent way to learn and explore. The cultural exchange, the learning experience, the professional growth, and the breathtaking vistas make the journey an unforgettable experience. These tours are not just about discovering Egypt – they are about uncovering hidden interests, kindling an appreciation of history, and inspiring a lifelong love for archaeology and learning.

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February 25, 2018

How To Understand Instant Finance Project Assistance}

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How to Understand Instant Finance Project Assistance


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Finance is a major topic which has numerous subtopics. If you are looking for help in your Instant Finance Project Assistance then you are in the right place. We provide the best tips on how to understand and complete your Finance Project in an efficient and informative manner.First you need to understand the various topics that are frequently used in Instant Finance Project Assistance. Some of them have been mentioned here to help you understand better and get an idea about them.• Risk and Return AnalysisThis topic focuses on the Portfolio Management aspect of the financial world. If you get an assignment on this particular topic then you will be tested as if you were a real life finance manager. Generally, you will be given a portfolio consisting of a few shares. You need to assess the required rate of return of the customer and the risk involved.To assess the required rate of return you will need the risk free rate of return, beta of the share and market risk premium. To assess the risk of the portfolio, you need to calculate the standard deviation of the shares.• Bond ValuationBonds are instruments issued by companies to get borrowed capital from the market. An assignment base on Bond Valuation is easy to understand and present. This is because you have to know the formulas to calculate the yield to maturity, duration and interest rates of the bond in question.You also need to be aware of the names and features of different types of Bonds like Zero Coupon Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Deep Discount Bonds among others. Having a pre-existing knowledge about the various types of Bonds helps to solve the sums in a better way as different bonds have different formulas.• Equity ValuationIn Instant Finance Project Assistance Online, Equity Valuation is a frequently asked topic as it is one of the easiest. In Equity Valuation you use different types of methods like Dividend Discount Model, Free Cash Flow Approach, Relative Valuation, Economic Value Added Approach and similar models to find out the value of equity shares of a company. Equity Valuation is an easy but important topic as it is essential during Mergers and Acquisitions of companies. And as a Finance student you should be aware of the theoretical aspects of the corporate world.• Foreign Exchange TransactionsAs the world is expanding the channels of communication and trade between them is expanding too. So if you are a finance student who hopes to enter the corporate world soon then you should be prepared to interact with different clients of various nationalities. This will allow you to get a better grip on the various on goings of different countries and their impact on the world of finance.Foreign Exchange is of great importance as people have to interact with foreign currencies on a daily basis. So it is prudent to expose you to the various methods of converting one currency into another and their various implications.

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